West Lake Wetland is located in Tongling City West Lake New Area, mainly by the wetland experience, ecological conservation, health peninsula, lake spring spring four scenic spots. Covers an area of 4.75 square kilometers, of which health Peninsula area of 58 hectares, wetland experience area of 101 hectares, ecological conservation area of 110 hectares, lake spring area of 49 hectares, the central lake area of 157 hectares, is now the country Grade city wetlands, is also the city's first ecological wetlands. West Lake wetland to retain the original ecological wetland landscape, where the lake is broad, vast waves. Water plants here, rich, fragrant flowers. Flocks of birds flying here, birds of whisper, here and everywhere scenery, constitute a huge ecological picture!

Lake District spring area

Lake District spring area District is located along the Metro Avenue.Take Green Lake Park,Residential areas concentrated.An area of 49 hectares. Cherry blossoms in various colors, sea hall, crape myrtle dominated the formation of scenic spots in the largest flowers. There are 1000 Alishan native cherry trees planted in the area. The 1,000 donated cherry blossoms contain the best wishes of the Tongling people at the time when compatriots in Taiwan are present and a green link connecting the compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Really "spring flowers have a month. Good times on earth." Lake Island in the Great Lakes surface, relying on the water surface isolation can minimize the human disturbance of bird habitats. The island through the planting of loquat. Pomegranates, trees, begonias and other bird favorite fruit tree species, in the protection of wetland birds resources and rich wetland landscape diversity plays an important role.

Healthy Peninsula District

Health Island area of 58 hectares, mainly for tourists to participate in high tourism experience activities. There are bike fitness trails throughout the area to echo the theme. In addition to the original camphor forest to create sunshine lawn, increase the natural activity space. Sunshine flower fields planted large areas of flowers, the formation of spectacular landscape effects, and then lay the stone footsteps, the public can in-depth flowers, close-up take pictures; Park Road with pervious concrete, reflects the modern atmosphere of the scenic area. West Lake wetlands in the region also has the most comprehensive tourist facilities, here is the largest tour of the scenic wharf, antique wood color barges and dock style of the same architectural material. Within the ship dock also set up a reading point and tea bar, provide citizens the necessary support services to meet the needs of tourists.

Ecological conservation area

The ecological conservation area covers an area of 110 hectares. The ecological conservation area completely preserves the bird ecosystem centered by water islands, peninsula swamps and Lianling Reservoir. The ecosystem in the peripheral areas is mainly restored. Tree, as much as possible with the natural environment. The area preserves the original ecological vegetation and water bodies as much as possible, and places that must be artificially decorated try not to damage the original natural structure as far as possible without leaving traces of artificial carving. The city has the most complete birdwatching ecosystem in the city , The survey of more than 170 species of perennial habitat birds in the area, there are still significant conservation value of species, including the world's endangered species of blue-headed Pochard, a rare species of black shelter, etc., and even the new distribution record of Anhui Province was It is found that there is a significant conservation value of biodiversity. Ting 888 meters long step, using natural stone, Ting step on both sides sprinkle with plenty of echinacea, zinnia, Coreopsis, snake chrysanthemum and other flowers, these flowers easily integrated with the surrounding vegetation, people naturally Watch the feelings. The bird-watching tower with the log structure is located in a garden service facility that is centered on birding activities and also increases the level of the existing landscape on the lake. Standing on the bird watching tower, the most panoramic view of the West Lake wetlands, beautiful.     

Wetland experience area

Wetland experience area of 101 hectares, the largest extent to retain the original ecological wetland appearance. According to local conditions, a large number of plants suitable for wetland environment have been planted. Through reasonable protection and utilization, an experience area integrating protection, science popularization and leisure functions is formed. There are aquatic plants everywhere in the city, with the only water forest in the city, the re-spent flower with purified water on the shores of the lake, and the original reeds. Typha, Sui white and lotus root and other plants together to create a more favorable natural environment. Dredge the landscape texture, with the waterfront as a green plant content, retain all the original eco-aquatic plants, forming a simple rustic ecological footprint, a total plastic scene is now connotation.